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With operations in Latin America, we operate in the segments of games, lifestyle, pop culture and entertainment


In the commercial sector, the New Business group conducts prospections for new partnerships throughout Latin America, seeking to take our brands to the most diverse areas, such as apparel, cosmetics, and collection items. Subsequently, the team analyzes and negotiates the best way to prepare contracts and provide the necessary support to customers. Licensees are assisted in all stages of development, propelling the company and its partners to the best deals and opportunities.


After the contract is signed, it is time for the Product team to get in action. The professionals conduct an immersion to show how the approval process works and the particularities of each brand. Subsequently, the guides are made available to the licensee so that the creation process can begin, followed by the approvals. The Product team also helps the partners during the entire process, either by providing the licensees with market news or by outlining the best option for the product to have an incredible highlight and its storytelling to be unforgettable.


Acting on several fronts, Pepper2Play is responsible for connecting brands with their consumers, through complete experiences. Each project is developed with a storytelling faithful to the values of the brands, which is delivered to fans with quality and unique characteristics. The team follows the licensees throughout the process, helping them to introduce the products to the market in the most efficient and practical way, using marketing actions, launch events, sending press kits, brand activation at point of sale and more.

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Pepper team is available to assist our customers from legal issues to product approval, social media and project development.

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