Porta dos Fundos

One of the most famous channels in the world, Porta dos Fundos started on YouTube and, in 2022, celebrates 10 years! It has become a multichannel entertainment hub, with releases on several platforms, such as published books, movies, series and television programs. It is the alternative comic voice of Brazil, with characters very dear to the audience, such as the Police Officer, Peçanha and Tia do ZAP, Dona Helena. In 2019, Porta dos Fundos won an International Emmy Award, in the “Best Comedy” category, which is one of the highest awards for artistic and technical merit for the television industry. Currently, the brand is included in several streaming platforms, such as Globo Play, HBO, GNT, Netflix and Prime Video.

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Avenida Carlos Gomes, 1610. Porto Alegre – RS – Brasil.

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